Discovery Guide

In and around Moissac the chasselas grape reveals itself unabashedly

From the time it is cut until it arrives at the table, the chasselas grape demands the strictest attention. It is gathered, de-seeded and cut entirely by hand. The pruine, a dull golden film on the mature grape, is a measure of its quality and care. The chasselas grape is an exceptional product, cultivated bio-dynamically with respect for the soil and the natural environment.

Some twenty-odd producers from the Moissac area have realized their wish to share their passion. Impassioned by their trade, they welcome visitors into the bosom of their vineyards and help them discover viticulture. For chasselas is as simple as it is rigorous and demanding. In its delicious simplicity, the more daring cooks work wonders. Sorbet, chutney.... Devotees of the chasselas grape (“chasseletiers”) can be found in the best restaurants, where the flavours are all the better for their presence.

From this passion the Discovery Guide was born. It lists the best addresses to find chasselas, proposes promenades among the vines, cooking classes, tastings, educational games and lodging in the vineyards.

Available for free in the tourist office and at area vineyards, restaurants, lodgings, the Discovery Guide invites and guides you through chasselas country.