The Tarn and its basin

Between the Pont Napoléon and the Cacor canal bridge, the basin of the Tarn is a scene of leisure activities and relaxation: fishing, rowing, water skiing....everyone according to their own rhythm and whims....


The banks of the Tarn are a fisherman’s dream, and for good reason: carp and whitefish are the most numerous species in these in these waters where fishing is allowed year round (2nd category). And the catfish there reach record weights....

A fishing license or stamp is mandatory; 1 or 15-day licenses are available in town (where to buy)


For the sporting type, the Tarn basin is the ideal place to indulge oneself in rowing. The national rowing team’s training pool is a vast body of water adapted to all levels, from debutant to seasoned veteran.

Water skiing

The Tarn basin hosts international water skiing competitions, but this doesn’t prevent amateur pursuits. Licensed instructors can provide lessons and introductory courses for adults and children alike to ensure a memorable stay in Moissac.


Every year on the weekend of Pentecost, the Sailors Festival commemorates the history and intensity of the town’s port. The mills used to turn in full capacity grinding flour, and the port itself witnessed endless loads of textiles, wines, cereals, spices and fruit. In memory of this effervescence, Moissac pays homage to its lost sailors with a grand festival.

The islands

Two islands split the Tarn between the canal bridge and the Pont Napoléon.

  • Beaucaire Island has been converted into a protected natural site by rejuvenating native river landscapes
  • Bidounet Island has been converted into a 3-star campground within a registered natural preserve

The banks of the Tarn are an agreeable place to go for a walk and let the time slip by....

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