The Abbatial Palace

The abbatial palace is an impressive Medieval residence, flanked by a tower chapel whose lower level preserves a fragment of decorative fresco dating from 1200.

The origin of the abbatial palace was the Sainte Foix Inn, a prestigious hotel designed to welcome guests visiting Moissac: Pope Urban II and his entourage stayed there in 1063 for the dedication of the Holy Saviour Altar (autel Sainte Saveur) in the abbey church.

From the 14th century onwards the building assumed different functions, according to what was needed at the time: infirmary for the ill, a guest house for travelling priors and a residential palace for the Father Abbot.

Renovated in the 17th and 18th centuries, it possesses a very beautiful grand staircase to access the upper storey.

The medieval garden in front of the living quarters is comprised of patches for vegetables, flowers and medicinal plants.

In the tower chapel the detail of a recently restored 13th century fresco constitutes on of the most beautiful decors in the Midi-Pyrenées Region. As for the residence, since 1951 it has housed a history and ethnographic museum presenting the collection of antique objects and antique furniture donated to the city of Moissac by Marguerite Vidal.