abbaye de Moissac Occitanie UNESCOabbaye de Moissac Occitanie UNESCO 

From the 6th to the 14th October 2017 you will find in the chapter house an exhibition : Hidden Treasures carried out in partnership with the Departmental Conservation Service. The exhibits presented are goldsmiths’ wares of the Catholic liturgy from the Abbey’s treasure. Each object is  described and its use decrypted. 19th century, semi-industrialised manufacturing techniques are explained : to this effect, during the summer, demonstrations of jewelry making (traditionnal and 3D print) and courses in metal working metal for children. This exhibition will underscore guided visits on the theme of « Reliquaries and Goldsmith », every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during summer. 

Exhibition « The Romanesque Illumination » Extended through 2017

Moissac deserves its name « Romanesque Art City ». In the 11th century, when the capitals of the cloister and the tympanum of the church were carved, the monks worked to enrich the Abbey Library. Thanks to replicas you can explore the art of Illumination. This exhibition is realised from 3000 reproductions from the Archives of the Romanesque Art Centre, the originals are kept in the National Library in Paris.