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Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, cottages, campsites and more for families and vacationers throughout the year. Hikers on their way to Saint Jacques de Compostela will also enjoy our numerous lodges. Search and choose from our large selection of quality accommodations in and around the Moissac area in Southwest France.



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  • Near the historic center, and in a very nice house these comfortable, tastefully decorated rooms provide a relaxing and delicious meal.
  • In the center of Moissac, in the historic area these owners have created the first floor of their house two guest rooms.
  • A mansion with a magnificent view ...
  • One step more enjoyable to relax in the comfortable rooms on the first floor of the family home.
  • In the historic district of Moissac, the owners of the building wanted to build three cottages on the 1st and 2nd floor. The owner, concerned about the comfort of his guests to put every effort to create these three uniquely decorated rooms.
  • Located directly on the Chemin De Compostela R65, 1km after the village Boudou, with its magnificent views, and 7 km from Moissac, famous for its cloister, and Chasselas in an exceptional environment. We offer a warm welcome, spacious rooms at a very reasonable price. Large lounge to relax, and when the weather is nice, pool, table tennis or simply relax in the garden
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